Some problems resolve on their own if given time, or can be treated by your local pharmacy. Responsible use of this service will allow us to continue to make it available to everyone. Therefore, please consider whether you really need to complete an e-consultation.


You can visit https://111.nhs.uk for help on managing your symptoms, where to get an emergency supply of your prescription medication, and for general health advice and information. 


Please allow 48 working hours for a response to your econsultation.

Before completing an econsult, check your symptoms  here.

You must submit only one issue per eConsultation. Any eConsultation that includes more than one issue will be rejected. This policy is in place because different clinicians specialise in addressing different health problems.

Search for an econsult by using categories or sort by alphabet below. Atlternatively, use your search feature.

You must only access the econsultation page from your Practice website.  This is because your Practice website will inform you whether this service is currently open or closed.  If you submit an econsult whilst your Practice states the service is not open due to maintenance, you will receive a text stating your econsult cannot be actioned.

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